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                Location:Home > About Us

                Company Profile
                Beijing Zhongxing Xinchuang Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. (the former company Beijing wanshun Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.) sticks to the business motto "To gain clients’ trust with premier quality, to enlarge the market with sincere service", Beijing Zhongxing is ready to provide to you the premium products with ever perfecting design, strict fabrication process and top quality management, and to provide to you the perfect before and after sale services with talent technical team, strong production capacity and high class machinery and installation.
                Beijing Zhongxing Xinchuang Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing 杏彩彩票软件app下载腾讯 building blocks type co-rotation parallel twin screw extruder, 杏彩彩票软件app下载腾讯S series two stage extrusion pelletizer, 3ME-60series tri-screw extruder, rubber plastic heat-cutting pelletizer, including the entire installation and spare parts. We boast of outstanding high talent technical personnel, advanced production tools and equipments,  our products are originally and finely designed, with well chosen material and refine craftsmanship. Our star products like tri-screw extruder , vertical and horizontal and wind-loop water ring as well as wind-loop cold/heat cutting pelletizer equipment have acquired the patents, and successfully applied in the production of PP, PE, PC, PU, ABS, PS, EVA, PPR, PVC, various raw material for electrical cables and master batches , the particles and pellets made by our machine enjoy uniform aspect, our machines feature high capacity, reliable and safe performance, low acoustic and energy conservation, and small floorage, Compatible and adaptable with different extruders made at home and abroad.
                The vertical water ring is suitable to fabricate heat-cutting pelletization of various kinds of plastics, especially for heat-cutting polypropylene of different melting indexes with an unique feature that the melting index can reach 1200 and above, which reputation is well-known home and abroad.
                Banbury tri-screw extruder based on our company independently developed technology finds its wide application in the homogeneity, plasticization , colorization, blending, filling, reinforcing and recycling of the polymer material like rubber and plastics, its versatile performance highly appreciated by the experts in the rubber & plastic industry, fills a technology blank in the world, represents a brand new future for the extruder and ushers in a new chapter for the extrusion machinery.
                PP physical foam extrusion pelletizer equipment is another invention owned by our company without rival in China. We market large quantity of every kind of EPP particles and moldings with customers in all parts of China and exported to Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Singapore, Australia, Germany and so on.

                Fangshan District, Beijing_ China_ Beijing Zhongxing Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu Weizhong(Chairman) Address liangxiangzhen Official and No.8 North Street_ Postal Code:102446 Tel:010-60333821 Fax:010-60331708 Mobile phone:13901202460 Website:http://www.bjws. cn http://www.bjzxxc.cn

                Copyright 2017 China_ Beijing Zhongxing Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.