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                Positive Action Wins Business Opportunities

                Publish Date:2017-09-06

                When the financial crisis is overwhelming, most of enterprises are always thinkthing of the risk, but the braver one is trying to hunt the chance under crisis. Beijing Zhongxing Xinchuang Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. took part in ChinaPlas actively, created an business opportunity under the financial crisis shadow.

                Famous China Plastic Fair has been a desire of the enterprises in rubber and plastic industry of China every year. The 23th China Plastic Fair was held as scheduled, the leading enterprises from all over the world gather in Guangzhou, show their new technology and products. 

                As a member of the Fair, our Chairman of the board, Mr. Weizhong Xu introduced the exhibitors our new products, which attracted the exhibitors widely, won a business opportunity for the company.

                A well-known company in plastic machinery industry of China, Beijing Zhongxing Xinchuang uphold its business motto: to gain clients’ trust with superior quality, to enlarge market with sincere service. 

                We warmly welcome our new and old customers contact us.

                Fangshan District, Beijing_ China_ Beijing Zhongxing Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu Weizhong(Chairman) Address liangxiangzhen Official and No.8 North Street_ Postal Code:102446 Tel:010-60333821 Fax:010-60331708 Mobile phone:13901202460 Website:http://www.bjws. cn http://www.bjzxxc.cn

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