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                Attending the 20th China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair

                Publish Date:2017-09-06

                Facing the financial crisis, Beijing ZhongXing, Xinchuang Company takes measures positively to open sales market. After coming back from the China Plastic Fair, the company plunged into the products popularization at the 20th China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair, which is an international trade fair approved by China government. Finding its most versions in row except Canton Fair, it has become the biggest fair in promoting trade with Russia, as well as an important economic platform between South Asia and North Asia.

                On this 20 anniversary of the Harbin Fair, even though under the globe financial crisis shadow, it shows its influence as strong as ever. Some famous enterprises and units from 17 countries like Russia, Japan, Seoul, Germany, Belgium, Dutch, Romania, etc. attended the fair. Many famous enterprises including our company showed owned latest products and technologies. 

                Xufang, general manager of the company, leading the fair team of our company, popularized our spot- light products at the fair. The star products like tri-screw extruder, vertical water ring heat- cutting pelletizer etc. made a hit with the exhibitors from home and abroad, took them a new concept of extruder.

                We’ve attended other fair like the same level several times, this time we aimed for the market in East Asia and North Asia, obtained unexpected and considerable profits from the event.

                Looking back the fair, we achieved a lot; looking into the future, we have the full confidence to make a better day. Warmly welcome new and old friends to contact us for mutual future.

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