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                Detailed description:

                Polypropylene foaming (EPP) beads and products

                Our company successfully developed polypropylene physical foaming extrusion production lines (equipment) and polypropylene foam bead (EPP), fill the domestic blank, for the development of domestic synthetic resin industry, expand the application field and market consumption of pp foam material, as well as the development of automotive, packaging, food, environmental protection has very important significance. The EPP bead diameter of the company is about 3-5mm in diameter, and the density is 14-60kg/m3. The color can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

                Company EPP bead products have the following performance:

                1. Good strength, good elasticity and high recovery rate

                2. Excellent energy absorption

                3. Good chemical resistance

                4. Good heat resistance

                5. Non-toxic, suitable for food packaging

                6. Environmental protection, easy to recycle and reuse, comply with export requirements

                The company introduces German allenbach molding equipment to undertake the processing and production of various specifications EPP plastic molding products. It is widely used in food packaging, auto parts, plastic packaging, daily plastic products and the base of various products. The product is nontoxic, tasteless and pollution-free, with strong anti-seismic performance and high recovery rate. It has good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance. In addition, its quality is light, can reduce article weight greatly. At the same time, EPP is also an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and recycled without causing white pollution, known as the "green" bubble.

                My company one-stop services, "by the quality win the trust of users, win the market by service" for business purposes, to constantly improve the product design, manufacturing process and strict quality management to provide you with the best quality products. Welcome new and old customers come to cooperate to negotiate business.

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